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The Help Bag ™ evacuation kit includes an evacuation backpack and 8 equipment modules.


Kit contains

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Help Bag Tips

Practical and useful
Here is a list of practical advice and information on evacuation kits.
Plan the basic evacuation steps. Call the household members, take the evacuation kit, and go out the nearest evacuation route to a safe place. If time allows, remember about your shoes, smartphone, and car keys.
Scan and copy all important documents onto the supplied USB flash drive. Prepare some spare cash to help you survive temporary inconveniences (meal purchase, hotel accommodation, transport). Remember about the spare house/apartment/car keys.
Think about the storage location of the evacuation kit. It should be easily accessible, as close as possible to the emergency exit or exit door. Many people find it convenient to purchase an additional evacuation bag for their car. Decide for yourself which kit you want for your journeys and which at home.
Pack your backpack with a set of spare underwear, socks, gloves, hat, tracksuit, and comfortable shoes. If you wear glasses, remember to pack a spare pair.
Choose food products that are easy to prepare for several meals and do not require heat treatment. Write down their best-before date. Do not throw the food away. Be responsible.
Pack at least 1.5l of bottled water per person. Preferably in 0.5L bottles.
Review your evacuation kit once every six months. Check the battery status and operation of individual devices, food, and medicine expiration date. This will help you get to know your equipment well, remember its location, and ensure reliable performance. Remember, an evacuation kit should always be complete. Do not use individual items in everyday situations, otherwise, consider buying an additional set.
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