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Moduł HELP BAG Tools Pomarańczowy 0
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This module contains the necessary tools for all kinds of situations. Your car got stuck? Use a shovel. Do you need wood for the fire? Use a saw.

Design & Completed in Poland


Module name – TOOLS
Used materials – CORDURA® 560 dtex (100%)
Dimensions – 30 x 5 x 15 cm (width/height/depth)
Weight of an empty module – 75 g
Weight of supplies – 1025 g
The applied zipper: Waterproof / Splashproof
Country of origin – Poland

The product may slightly differ from the pictures.

Module equipment


Functional and tested
Everything needed in case of sudden evacuation or isolation. Carefully selected and tested. Guarantee of best price-quality ratio. By choosing equipment recommended by Help Bag™ you will avoid the trap of buying unnecessary gadgets.
Moduł HELP BAG Tools Pomarańczowy 0
Protective gloves 1 of 10 Jute string 2 of 10 Expanders
 3 of 10 Multitool 4 of 10 Duct tape 5 of 10 Entrenching tool 6 of 10 Sewing kit 7 of 10 Multifunctional bracelet 8 of 10 

Cable tie 9 of 10 Hand saw 10 of 10
The currently available equipment may slightly differ in brand or appearance from those shown in the photos, but this does not affect their quality and application.

Help Bag Tips

Practical and useful
Here is a list of practical advice and information on evacuation kits.
Use for moving heavy objects. Not suitable for climbing.
Cut, screw, hold and squeeze. Make sure you always have it with you.

Use for efficient firewood cutting.
Roll the tape flat. It will take even less space.
Use for a variety of repairs and connections, either by hand or with the use of a pliers.
Use them to create a makeshift canopy against rain or hot sun using a rain cover.
Use to repair your shoes, dry your clothes, and make practical ties when organising a temporary shelter.
Use for clearing snow from vehicles, digging up objects or digging up a camping toilet.
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