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Module for medical applications. Includes a well-equipped first aid kit, rescue blanket and artificial respiration mask. It will also accommodate your personal medication.



Module name – FIRST AID
Used materials – CORDURA® 560 dtex (100%)
Dimensions – 25 x 14 x 4 cm (width/height/depth)
Weight of an empty module – 50g
Weight of supplies – 250g
The applied zipper: Waterproof / Splashproof
Country of origin – Poland

The product may slightly differ from the pictures.

Module equipment


Functional and tested
Everything needed in case of sudden evacuation or isolation. Carefully selected and tested. Guarantee of best price-quality ratio. By choosing equipment recommended by Help Bag™ you will avoid the trap of buying unnecessary gadgets.
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First Aid Kit (10 items – DIN 13167) 1 of 3 Artificial respiration mask 2 of 3 Notepad with a pen 3 of 3
The currently available equipment may slightly differ in brand or appearance from those shown in the photos, but this does not affect their quality and application.

Help Bag Tips

Practical and useful
Here is a list of practical advice and information on evacuation kits.
You can complete it with painkillers, diarrhea pills and a small supply of medicines that you regularly take. Write down their expiration date. A list of first aid kit equipment is included on the back of the case.

The silver side protects your body from hypothermia and the gold side from overheating. It is located inside a wrapped first aid kit.
When it is unfolded you will then see a printed first aid instruction.

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