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Help Bag Cook & Food Pomarańczowy 0
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This module contains food and accessories for food preparation and consumption.

Design & Completed in Poland


Module name – COOK & FOOD
Used materials – CORDURA® 560 dtex (100%)
Dimensions – 30 x 5 x 10 cm (width/height/depth)
Weight of an empty module – 100 g
Weight of supplies – 1485 g
The applied zipper: Waterproof / Splashproof
Country of origin – Poland

The product may slightly differ from the pictures.

Module equipment


Functional and tested
Everything needed in case of sudden evacuation or isolation. Carefully selected and tested. Guarantee of best price-quality ratio. By choosing equipment recommended by Help Bag™ you will avoid the trap of buying unnecessary gadgets.
Help Bag Cook & Food Pomarańczowy 0
Steel cup with a lid 1 of 9

Cutlery (spoon, knife, fork)

2 of 9
Gas stove 3 of 9 Water purifying tablet (10 pcs) 4 of 9 Lighter 5 of 9 Waterproof matches 6 of 9 Gas cartridge (100g) 7 of 9 Still water (500ml) 8 of 9 Food ration (500g) 9 of 9
The currently available equipment may slightly differ in brand or appearance from those shown in the photos, but this does not affect their quality and application.

Help Bag Tips

Practical and useful
Here is a list of practical advice and information on evacuation kits.
Avoid big flames. After use, turn off the stove immediately to save gas. Wait until it cools down before you store it.

Do not expose it to high temperatures. Remember not to expose it to high temperatures.
 We recommend cartouches (100g or 230g) with valve and thread (7/16).

Use 1 tablet per liter of water and wait 30 minutes. Extend the waiting time if the temperature is low. Filter heavily contaminated or cloudy water through a cloth or increase the dose of tablets.
Choose food products that are easy to prepare for several meals and do not require heat treatment. Write down their best-before date. Do not throw the food away. Be responsible.
Pack at least 1.5l of bottled water per person. Preferably in 0.5L bottles.
Use a leather safety glove to protect against burns. After use, wait until it cools down.
After use, rinse and wipe dry.
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