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Evacuation Kit - what is it needed for?

You are probably wondering in what situations an Evacuation Kit might be useful. An evacuation means the organised movement of people from an area at risk to a safe area.

There are several types of evacuation

Scheduled evacuation – prepared in a safe time, conducted regularly as exercises, and implemented during the period of danger. Most often it prepares for threats such as fire, an attack by the armed forces, a disaster or a flood.

Emergency evacuation – involves taking immediate action to move the affected population or individual to a safe place.

Usually, the evacuation is carried out by emergency services in an organised and safe manner.

Unfortunately, we often have to depend only on ourselves for some time. It is worth preparing for this possibility and taking responsibility for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Read the evacuation plan for the building (it is not just for a decoration) or develop your own. Keep an action plan prepared and practiced, including the most likely risks to be encountered in your environment. It is advisable to prepare an evacuation kit in advance, preferably with ready-made equipment. If necessary, take it with you and move away to a safe place.

The evacuation kit − what does it do

An evacuation kit is designed to take care of our basic needs when we are on our own. The most popular evacuation kit is Help Bag™. What makes it so special?

The ready-made Help Bag™ Evacuation Kits provides, among other things, basic access to energy, heat, hygiene and dressing, and, thanks to the mask and safety goggles, will enable safe evacuation from smoky or contaminated areas. The kitchen module and sleeping bag together with an inflatable pillow will help you get re-energized.  

If you take it with you on longer trips, you will feel really safe. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can keep it by the exit of the house/apartment or in the car trunk.

An Evacuation Kit in the city

Everyone experienced a longer power outage. That is when the phones’ batteries are usually dead, the lights go out, and the users of electric cookers are also deprived of access to hot meals. With the Help Bag™ Evacuation Kit, we will be able to safely restore electricity because we will have items such as a power bank, radio, torch and even a gas burner at hand.

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