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We are committed to the principle of “be responsible” that can affect any area of life. And life can put us in a situation that will completely change our everyday life. The events beyond our control may force us to isolate or evacuate immediately. Our attitude is crucial if we want to be prepared for them.

Help Bag™ is a ready-made escape kit, designed to do its job as well as possible. Help Bag™ will give us a sense of security, allow us not to panic and act with confidence. Remember! Responsibility is special. It takes courage to be responsible. Help Bag™ is the first step.

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What is an evacuation kit?

Zestawy ewakuacyjne Help Bag™, w zależności od konfiguracji, mogą składać się z torby i/lub plecaka, a także dziesięciu modułów z wyposażeniem. Przy wyborze zestawu ewakuacyjnego kieruj się ilością osób w rodzinie, wagą zestawu, miejscem przechowywania oraz prawdopodobieństwem sytuacji, które mogą się wydarzyć w pobliżu miejsca w którym się znajdujesz.Zobacz film, aby dowiedzieć się więcej!
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How is it made?

Help Bag is not a mass product. It is created in a small sewing workshop, under the supervision of real design masters. It was designed and made in Poland. We want our products to provide you with reliable service for many years, that is why they are made of original and certified CORDURA® fabric. The brand produces some of the most durable textile materials on the market. CORDURA® fabrics are highly weather-resistant and their outer layer is coated with a layer of Teflon. It is very lightweight due to the internal structure of the fabric. It is twice as strong as standard nylon, three times as strong as polyester and ten times as strong as cotton. It is durable and resistant to abrasions and tears, making Help Bag™ products virtually indestructible. The durable zippers and buckles are made by the best manufacturers only. The contents of your backpack, bag and modules are safe in all conditions!


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